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We are super happy when we can build a partnership through digital products that are on the same page and in line with our own vision. Skooby is one of them and this is their story.


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We are super happy when we can build a partnership through digital products that are on the same page and in line with our own vision. Skooby is one of them and this is their story.

Tell us something about Skooby - what is your core business, what's your passion?

Skooby company offers a platform where animals are mediated between animal lovers. Especially with the current situation, our pets are the only ones we've been able to have as physical friends lately.

Nevertheless, there are very many pets that don't have a home. With this platform, we are trying to reach everyone who is wrapped the same way we are and also wants all the homeless pets to find a loving home. The vision is the main reason why we decided to create our company.

How have you started, where are you currently standing (company development stage), your plans for future?

We are about to announce the website. We will place advertisements to attract users to our site - plan is to create a network of people with the same passion and admiration for animals. In the future we plan to work with several companies to provide different services. We have prepared some great features together with Vitec GmbH for our users, but everything in its own time.

Describe an environment you are doing business (online and/or offline process, your customers experience, differentiation within competition).

Our website offers ads from animal lovers for animal lovers to give animals a new loving home. Besides animals we will also offer all services around it in the future. Be it insurance, pet products or services - our platform will cover all needs of our little friends. Our business is potentially worldwide - it's online - and we are looking for ways to reach as many people as possible who could then find their new pet and make their house a home (it's a phrase, but it's still true). At the beginning we will focus only on Germany and gradually roll out our business to other countries where there is a need.

How do you handle the digital challenges within global pandemics? How do you see an issues in your business and how do you see the partnership with Vitec Visual Technology?

Since our service is completely digitized, we have no limitation due to the pandemic. Continuation of our partnership, as well as our product life cycle/growth will be defined through support & consultancy due to a digital market trends. For sure, the upcoming period will be interesting and looking forward to the challenges on our way to build a great service & user experience for our users.

What is the essence of today's business and how to overcome it?

Today, the Internet is indispensable, so it is very important to use digital technology correctly to make your business as good and user-friendly as possible to users to create added value.

Why is it important to believe in yourself and create valuable business partnerships?

There are always times when things do not go quite as planned and imagined, so you should be your own motivator. Important business partners help to bring your own company forward and to let it grow.

Few words about Vitec GmbH as your partner

Vitec GmbH helped us a lot on our journey to realize our project. Not only in the development of the website, but also in various other topics around our project it has helped us with words and deeds, which is why we are very grateful and glad to have met them and chose them as our development partner.

We Create Tailor-Made Digital Products For Our Customers!!

A 7-year track record of outstanding support and customer service is a testimony to our customer-centric approach. To learn more about how Vitec GmbH can help you create an app that achieves your business goals within your budget, get in touch.

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