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Your 360° Software Development Partner

Software Development

We are a team of motivated and creative goal getters who will make your dream come true from scratch.

We see ourselves as your 360° Software Development Partner, taking care of the digital skills needed to realize a mobile or web based IT Solution.

For us, 360° means that we work as a partner from the birth to the end of the created IT Solution. We consult, we create, we maintain, we support in all areas of your IT Solution.

We follow the philosophy that quality is worth more than a deadline. In order to develop meaningful and sustainable custom software, it is crucial to take the time to document all processes from the beginning. We think about best practices and a rough architecture so that the solution does not just work for one version but is scalable and extendable for all future versions. Quality is our top priority, and each of our IT Solutions goes through a solid Quality Gate using various testing methods.

In every way, we do our best as your 360° Software Development Partner to ensure hassle-free deployment and continuous improvement of the IT Solutions of our partnership.

Our Philosophy & Values


360° approach

We are your one-stop 360° Software Development Partner for all IT challenges to make your dream come true. We work closely with our partners to achieve our common goal and illuminate all perspectives of the IT Solution.


Interdisciplinary experience

By combining our expertise from hundreds of projects, we will enrich your ideas and concepts to achieve the highest relevance of our IT Solution in the digital market.

global partnerships

Long-term global partnerships

We believe that building long-term partnerships with other goal getters at eye level is the way to make any dream come true from scratch.

Our Story?

Our Story

How Did We Become A 360° Software Development Partner?


Starting from a software company operating in Germany, we have been able to position ourselves internationally over the last few years. By successfully managing small projects and working with international customers, our experience grew daily. Meanwhile we work intensively with partnerships from global software companies. This enabled us to complete every project on time, in high quality and at a fair price.

However, we realized that this was not enough to meet our own standards and make our customers' dreams come true. Being goal getters, we wanted to partner with others to create any IT Solution from scratch and from a hand.

The strongest collaborations are those that work on trust and eye level. Trust motivates us and our partners to develop IT Solutions together. Where we both take responsibility for its success.

As a consequence, we have changed to a 360° approach to make the impossible possible every day as a 360° Software Development Partner. Together we create and share responsibility along with one vision. Only 1 vision on both sides makes a successful collaboration.

Since 2021, we have been acting as your 360° Software Development Partner within our new vision and have already achieved many international successes in small and large IT solutions.

We are looking for new partnerships that have the same understanding of building and realizing dreams as we do.

Let's start a conversation to identify our matches and potentials.

Our Team

Our Team

We are a team of motivated and creative goal getters who will make your dream come true from scratch. Find out who we are behind the scenes.

Our Partners

Our Partners

We are what we are today because of our successful partnerships and IT Solutions that have shaped us. Thank you for the great opportunities and what we have created and create together each day. These are some of them:

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