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Don’t worry; you are on the right website; it’s just a fascinating story that, in some aspects, mirrors ours. So, we wanted to share it with you.

Vitec GmbH │ 360° Redesign Journey │ Meet Your New CTO

By Aleksandar    |     29 Aug 2022    |    IT Support and 360° partner    |    Views 418

Ever heard of Dr. Barry Marshall, who proved that ulcers are caused by Helicobacter pylori?

Don’t worry; you are on the right website; it’s just a fascinating story that, in some aspects, mirrors ours. So, we wanted to share it with you.

Back in the 80s, Dr. Barry Marshall was convinced that Helicobacter pylori were causing ulcers in patients. He needed a subject to prove his theory, but the chance of anyone allowing him to inject them with a bacterium was practically zero. But, his faith in his knowledge and available research had him convinced that he was right. So, he decided to go for self-experimentation. And soon enough, he developed the symptoms and then cured himself.

The unshakeable belief in his knowledge and skill was proven right. He dramatically changed how ulcers were treated and won a Nobel Prize for his contribution.

At Vitec GmbH, we strive to create an IT ecosystem of excellence through constant self-improvement too. With Vitec 2.0, our goal is to offer clients a complete IT ecosystem they can build their business on. But, why would you trust us with your foundation? Because we tested it on ourselves first and we have the results to show.

Starting From Ground Zero

Offering 360° IT services entails everything from digital product monitoring to enhancements, maintenance to managed services, and much more. But, to create such an all-inclusive service requires both human resources and niche technologies. In fact, these prerequisites must be in place before the product launch, with a sense of winning users’ trust from the get-go.

That’s precisely what we have done!

We put all the prerequisites in place before the launch of our newly redesigned website. Product-oriented IT support services combine all these ingredients into a highly dynamic package that works to realize the 3Rs responsible for the long-term success of digital products.

Vitec GmbH │ 360o Redesign Journey │ Maintaining & Enhancing The Digital Product Is More  Important Than Launching The Product

Then the Transformation Began…

We developed a 4-step process to create a seamless workflow from creating a concise requirement sheet to creating synergies among users to development to testing, and finally to production.

Once a digital product is launched, it has to be nurtured. As the new Vitec GmbH website was launched, instead of reveling in its success, we went into overdrive. After all, product launch is just the first step of the journey, it was now time to foster its growth.

Vitec GmbH │ 360o Redesign Journey │ Once Digital Product Is Launched, It Has to Be Nurtured

Digital Product Monitoring

Once we built our digital product, it became pertinent to find answers to many relevant questions – How will our target clientele find us?

How will we find how users perceive and use our platform?

How will our target clientele find us?

How can we make our new website more successful?...and more

We created a whole bouquet of product monitoring tools to market and measure app performance. We used the data collected by the tools to understand the behavior of most users and the most valuable among them to improve their experience and our bottom line.

The data collection also proved useful in crash analytics, helping us ensure that we were spending our resources judiciously to realize the highest returns.

In building our digital product, we have developed a comprehensive digital product monitoring system that includes app analytics, crash analytics, server monitoring, and feedback on different platforms. A system that helps our clients weed out their app issues early and enhances their chances of success.

Vitec GmbH │ 360o Redesign Journey │ Somebody Has To Take Care Of Your Digital Product And It Is Better To Be Expert

Digital Product Enhancements

Our app monitoring system offered us deep insights that helped us create incredible enhancements to our existing product. We have divided those enhancements into two categories:

  • Functional Enhancements

    As the app analytics kept coming in, we used them as an input to improve our design, including new features, and add personalization

  • Non-functional Enhancements

    Simultaneously we also kept working on improving our security features, website speed, and overall performance. We also pushed for better scalability and usability.

Digital product enhancements are an ongoing process. Every digital product, including yours, is a work-in-progress that we continue to improve upon.

Vitec GmbH │ 360o Redesign Journey │ Regular & Up-to-Date Deployments & Enhancements

Bug Fixing & Maintenance

Digital products, just like physical systems, require routine checks, periodic maintenance, and frequent “repairs.” Our digital products developed bugs and performance issues with time, irrespective of the rigorous testing by the QA teams. These issues arose from multiple sources:

  • Dormant problems surfacing for the first time
  • Performance bottlenecks arising out of more than expected visitors
  • Compatibility issues with newly launched devices
  • Limitations associated with the technologies used

Once we had identified the issues, the next step was to provision resources to tackle them. From short-term solutions like emergency bug fixing to resource provisioning to identify and deploy long-term solutions, we did everything to optimize our user experience.

When we work with client websites, downtimes are inevitable. But, with our constant testing, we are ensuring that they are few and far apart with update management, dependency upgrades, bug fixes, and more. Digital products require a host of maintenance services to operate smoothly and realize your business objectives, and we do them all.

: Vitec GmbH │ 360o Redesign Journey │ Smooth IT Operations For Reaching The Business Objectives

Release management

When we deployed the new Vitec GmbH website, we did not just release it online and hoped for the best. We put together another process that ensures zero surprises during launch, and easily avoidable issues later called release management.

Under release management, we looked into product staging, ICT processes, CI/CD (continuous improvement / continuous deployment), release pipeline, and more. It did not only streamline the launch, but kept us into running into post-release issues either.

So, our job does not end at deploying your digital product, but extends well into ensuring its continued success.

IT-Managed Services & Consultancy

Vitec’s website, like any other digital product, does not work in a vacuum. There are background processes that have to run in unison for the users to have a flawless experience. That includes server & network management, IT support, product life cycle management, customer experience, and more. We also have experts on board who foresaw challenges and helped us tackle them pre-emptively.

When we build your digital products, we also work as a silent partner. We constantly strive to ensure products run as intended and customers never have a bad experience.

Vitec GmbH │ 360o Redesign Journey │ 360° Software Development Partner

Meet Your CTO!

In our new avatar, Vitec GmbH has become a 360° Software Development Partner to businesses. We have the capabilities, resources, commitment, and experience to deliver and maintain your digital products that surpass industry standards.

We Built an Amazing Product

With the launch of the Vitec GmbH website, we have successfully put across a state-of-the-art digital product that is innovative, robust, and visually pleasing. Like our customers, our journey started with a desire to create a wonderful product. And it’s still as exciting and fulfilling as the day we started.

We work on our client projects with the same enthusiasm too. We sit down with you to understand your vision and what excites you about the project. Our consultants sit with you to create a concrete project plan and milestones to keep the project on track. We are driven to move forward, and we are not afraid to get back to the drawing board if we need to.

Vitec GmbH website was a dream project for our company. It takes a dreamer to appreciate another. So, your dream is safe with us.

Staying On Top

Our website’s journey has just started, and we are already making it better every day. We are taking into account the feedback from our users, analytics reports, changing expectations, and more to finetune our product. And it is only going to get better from here.

We carry the same drive when we approach our clients’ projects. We deliver a digital product based on the brief and then improve it on a rolling basis. When you are under the constant supervision of experts, your digital product is at its best form in every phase of its lifecycle. That’s a promise!

Let’s Start the Journey

You have seen our journey from an idea to a successful digital product. And now it’s your turn. Whether you have an existing business, a prototype ready-to-go, or just an idea to kickstart, Vitec GmbH has developed capabilities to take over as your technology partner at any stage.

We want you to trust us with your business, and that is why we gave you the front row seats to our own transformation. We are not just a third-party service provider who will fulfill a contract and leave you to tackle your business’ technology challenges.

We at Vitec work like your CTO – engaged in your product and invested in your success. Tailoring, upgrading, and optimizing your product for your specific audience is a continuous process. There are technological challenges that also require attention. Continuous monitoring for issues, maintaining frontend and backend infrastructure, bug fixing, technology updates and more, will be needed just to keep your product working like it’s supposed to. Even the best-written products throw up issues from time to time and require fixes. New security vulnerabilities are discovered all the time and must be patched quickly. Sometimes, introducing new features necessitates upgrading the backend technologies without being conspicuous to the users.

These tasks require dedicated attention from a team of digital technology specialists – frontend developers, backend developers, designers, cybersecurity experts, and in some cases, technology-specific experts.

You Are Our Nobel

Remember Dr. Marshall? He put himself on the line to make a statement that contributed to innovation in his discipline and won him a Nobel. At Vitec GmbH, we wanted our clients to see how well our 360° service offering worked. And not just take our word for it. Our belief has led us to win our esteemed customers.

And now it’s your turn to choose a worthy digital partner.

We will help you build, support you to thrive, and keep pushing you to get better. The same way we built, supported, and pushed our business to the top.

We are Vitec GmbH your 360° software development service provider. Let’s get your digital future in shape!

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