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A mobile app gives you the desired properties in the minds of your target group.It allows you to have a constant presence in their life. They interact with you regularly, engage with you and build a relationship with your brand.


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A mobile app gives you the desired properties in the minds of your target group.It allows you to have a constant presence in their life. They interact with you regularly, engage with you and build a relationship with your brand.

A mobile app is a super-effective way to offering satisfying brand interactions to your users. Naturally, businesses are building highly intuitive apps that elevate their users’ experience consistently. Of course, it’s easier said than done. It costs anywhere between €10,000 and €2,500,000 to build a robust app, depending on your requirements and the mobile and web application company you choose.

Why does it cost so much to build a mobile app? What can you do to reduce app development costs? How to develop a mobile app affordably without compromising its quality or performance?

We’ll answer these and many more questions in this resource.

Mobile Apps

How Are Mobile Apps Built?

The mobile app development process varies from one organization to another, depending on the development approaches, models, and methodologies employed by them. Not to mention the app’s features and functionalities. However, here’s a quick overview of some of the steps involved in the process:

1. Concept Development

Think of this stage as a problem-solution statement. The business requirements and objectives of the app are clearly identified at this stage. A concept is developed as to how the app will fulfill them effectively. The technology, development method, and other technical specifications are determined at this stage before the development begins.

2. Design Development

At this stage, the functionalities, features, accessibility, and usability of the app are established. The focus is UX. Wire frames, mock ups, and style guides are developed to get a clear sense of this.

3. App Development

Typically, the first step in the app development stage is prototyping. Prototypes simulate user experience and make it possible to perform early testing of the app’s capabilities and functionalities. Any changes to features are discussed and implemented at this stage. However, a prototype is not a fully functioning app. There’s more to come.

4. Server Development

All the back end infrastructure necessary for the functioning of your app is created at this stage. This includes databases, server-side objects, APIs, and so on.

5. Admin Panel / CMS Dev

A mobile admin panel or content management system gives businesses great control over the management of content, branding, and features on their app.They can be tailored to support the unique requirements of the business and offer them the admin features and degree of control they need over their app.

6. Testing

QA engineers perform rigorous testing on the app under various scenarios to identify bugs and issues before eliminating them. App testing involves functional testing, performance testing, security testing, and device & platform testing.

7. Extended Support

Beyond technical support, businesses also need assistance in making the app market-worthy. They need help with publishing the app on relevant app stores, creating images and videos for promotion, dedicated landing pages for the apps, and so on. Your ideal app development partner should be able to fulfill these additional requirements.

Who Builds The Mobile App?

Every Mobile App Development Project Draws From The Experience And Expertise Of Several Dedicated Professionals. These Include:

Project Manager

UI/UX Expert

Creative Designer

Front end Developer for IOS/Android

Back end Developer for Servers and Admin Panel

A typical mobile app development project involves all of these professionals, and they are all involved with the project at different stages.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

The biggest cost center in a mobile development project is the developers. Even the most basic apps require at least 2 front end developers and 1 back end developer. Unless the app has advanced features and requires a larger team to develop, there’s generally one each of Project Manager, UI/UX Expert, and Designer in the team.

With 3 developers fully employed in the project, the costs can be significant. They would likely consume about 40-60 hours of development time between them. As a result, the cost of developing a simple app can hit €16,000.

How To Keep App Development Costs Low?

Most small and medium businesses looking to save on app development costs take the road most traveled – offshoring. However, off shored projects are often plagued with miscommunication, cultural differences, quality issues, and unexpected delays. If you have a dedicated technical team to continuously monitor the development team at your IT outsourcing company, offer them suitable guidance, and coordinate with them regularly, the results can be outstanding. However, this is not something that most small and medium businesses can do.

That’s why Vitec – global, but still local!

Check out our blog explaining the importance of local app dev support.


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