Our Solution

Our Solution

Turn vacant spaces into revenue

Our Solution

Spaciko App is for hosts to share and guests to book their working spaces. The Spaciko App allows you to explore spaces for corporate meetings, business trips, and spontaneous holidays within a reasonable rent.

Once the host confirms the guests’ requests, the guest pays, and the booking is done. A secure payment system supports widely accepted payment methods. Guest can choose their preference and add the necessary fields to complete the payment.

Complete support from the admin panel to manage users, properties, emails, reviews, payments, coupons, taxes, amenities, policy, disputes, deposits, social media, and more keeps everything up to date and smooth. Admin can also export the analysis reports to become more competitive.


Key Components

Key Features

User registration and management


Explore & search available spaces


Booking with the secure authentication


Secure payment


Cancellation and refunds


Generate and share invoice


Coupon code verification


Create and send a special offer

Tech Stack


Native Development Android (java), iOS (swift)


Native App Development is the creation of software programs that run on specific devices and platforms. You can build beautiful native apps for target devices-smartphones.

Back-end framework, Logic, Server


For the back-end, we used the laravel framework. The laravel framework is free and open-source, which provides a structure for developers and incorporates security measures to prevent hackers and other destructive code from entering the server. MySQL is globally trusted as the most secure and reliable database management system, so we used it to build the Spaciko App database. From the server-to-client interface, we created an API to automate the back-end logic and manage spaces created by users and their prices, availability, amenities, and payment methods.

Social login APIs


Social APIs pass the authorization to allow the user to access the platform easily. Social login APIs integration eliminates the need for a laborious sign-up process, and offers a one-click return experience to users.

PayPal payment API and Stripe payment API


PayPal payment API allows users to perform online transactions, and it’s milder to integrate. PayPal is used worldwide and trusted by millions of users. Stripe enables API to build an integration that can handle complex payment flows.

We integrated PayPal payment to keep users’ transactions safe from current and future security threats. The stripe payment offers automatic authentication handling and strong customer authentication SCA without double charges, idempotency key issues, and more security features.

Mix panel


Mix panel integration displays the real-time data of product use, tracks the user, and generates team metrics. We have integrated a comprehensive panel where the admin can access active user data, total available space, active members, regular bookings, and more insightful information. Admin can also export the charts, financial statements, and error detection for any user.

Firebase chat


Firebase chat synchronizes real-time data without writing a line of server code. The integration of firebase chat is to build a communication channel between the guest and the host with the option to translate.

Firebase push notification


Firebase cloud messaging is a cross-platform messaging solution that lets you reliably send messages at zero cost. The integration of firebase push notifications helps drive user re-engagement and retention.

Firebase language translate


With ML kit’s on-device translation API, you can dynamically translate text in 59 languages. We have integrated a firebase multi-language kit that translates promptly in different regional as well as native languages.

Branch.io - For share space library


Branch makes it incredibly simple to create powerful deep links that can pass data across app installation and open it while handling all edge cases. We have integrated the branch SDK to share the space detail with the user, who can then directly open that link in the app. If the app is not installed on the user’s phone, the deep link redirects to an app store.

Admin panel


For Spaciko App, we have created a customized admin panel. This panel displays real-time data and generates data metrics. Further, the admin has access to active user data, total available space, active members, regular bookings, export charts, financial statements, and other insightful informations.

How Vitec Archived The Project Goal?

Client goal

We have discussed the vision with our partner to identify the required features for the initial flow of the Spaciko App. We enhanced the solution with multiple conceptual and technical improvements such as adding the hourly, monthly, and annual pricing models into the Spaciko App. In collaboration, we created documentation and a roadmap that meets the vision.

services category

Our UI/UX team started prioritizing modules and developing designs. We created the design of the app with Figma and finalized it with our partner to ensure the best outcome for the end-users. After identifying all user flows, we made important technological decisions such as architecture, security, dependencies and communication between front-end and back-end. Now we are ready to implement the IT solution.

services category

The Spaciko App has been set up using the MVVM architecture. First, we implemented the different layers required to handle data (server, local storage, etc.), the user interface, and the business logic. To ensure a high code standard, each completed module/function was subjected to code review and unit tests.

services category

Along with the regression testing, functional testing was performed for various features. We tested the functionality and capabilities of the solution. The most interesting challenge was creating and testing more than 7 use cases for room rental billing with PayPal. Our end-to-end testing strategy was applied to the final version of the Spaciko app. After identifying and fixing the bugs in the back-end and front-end, we were more than happy to call your solution quality assured and ready to use.

services category

No worries. We would never recommend deploying on a Friday ;) We were endlessly happy when we deployed our Spaciko App on Monday. Before deployment, we encountered some problems complying with store policies. We addressed the issues with some fast fixes that we were able to deploy successfully on the second try. Our app went live, and we cheered with our partner.

services category

Main Functionalities


Assorted pricing


Users can explore spaces with a precise pricing structure for a whole month, an entire day, or even an hour.

They can get a pre-listed pricing structure by host for every space in Spaciko. They can then choose the space that is the best fit for them. Multiple discounts come with every booking. Discount codes are generated directly by the Admin.

Guests can also opt for add-on services or put in a special request for a small fee.

The list of spaces can also be shared with friends, making it easier to get comments and zero in on a space everyone agrees on.


Discover space


Multiple filters make it easy to find an ideal space on Spaciko. The guest only needs to enter a location, and the available spaces will pop up on a Google Map. They are marked using a boundary border and a clear dot representation within the predetermined radius.

Users can also filter their results based on criteria like property type, prices, amenities, and more. However, the exact address of the space is only visible to a guest before booking.

Guests can share the property details via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, and Mail.


Dispute management


Spaciko is easy-to-use Dispute Center promptly resolves disputes in a way that serves the interests of both parties involved. Such grievance redressal ensures healthy and sustainable business relationships.

Spaciko allows users to choose from many default reasons for the dispute for both guests and hosts.

A host and the guest can raise a dispute within 14 days before and after the check-in.

During the dispute resolution, either of the two parties can also involve the Admin. Once the dispute is resolved, the money is transferred to the guest’s account.


AWS server deployment


We have implemented the AWS CodeDeploy development. AWS servers provide various types in which we had deployed to multiple Amazon EC2 instances. The AWS CodeDeploy makes the process easier for us to release new features and also helps to avoid downtime rapidly.

AWS servers help deploy and handle the complexity of updating applications in complex environments. But, there are many other reasons why we chose AWS Amazon EC2.

We have used AWS CodeDeploy EC2 to automate software deployment, eliminating the need for an error-prone manual operation as the service scales to match the deployment and client’s needs. EC2 has the fastest processors in the cloud, and EC2 is the only cloud with 400 Gbps Ethernet networking.

Biggest challenge

Biggest challenge and our journey of overcoming

Biggest challenge

Technical challenges

We have integrated Google Maps to show the geographical location of a particular searched city by guests.

It was difficult to draw the boundary of an area/state on a google map. Because initially, we did not found any free API. But after reading some documentation and RND, We found one open street map free API.

We have also used the online geographic tool, Lat Long. Every single point on the surface of the earth can be specified by the latitude and longitude coordinates. Therefore, it was easier to visually draw the boundary of inputted area/city on Google Maps by using latitude and longitude.

UI design challenges

Initially, we have integrated a calendar for hosts to set availability of booking dates and for guests to book a space.

But after the discussion with the client regarding the requirement, we mutually decided to change the structure of the calendar and to add additional features like calendar setting. It was difficult to change the flow and re-design the same.

In a new calendar structure, Hosts can set pricing for each date of the calendar and display it to guests while space booking along with its availability.

Hosts can edit the calendar by selecting Check In Check Out dates, availability of booking, new daily price for space, and the changes will reflect on the user side as well. We overcome the challenge by discussing with the client and RND.

Another challenge we faced is with the space search functionality.

Initially, We have listed various category spaces on a landing page. But after a discussion with a client, we have to list it on Google Maps based on nearby location or searched city.

By discussing the proper flow with the client and getting a reference from some websites using the same functionality, we were successful in implementing all the changes properly.

The hard work of the team behind this application proved again that we always use the best endeavors for delivering great results.

Most special moment in our journey


We especially loved the space create functionality. A Host can access plenty of different options to describe his place in the best possible way. To name some option:

Location, amenities, private or public space , guest access information, rule for guests, policy for booking, long-term booking for 3 or 6 months, and availability time for each listed space. If the host adds 5 Accommodates limit, then the guest will be allowed to book for up to 5 members.If the user cancels a booking then the payment is returnable to the user account. If you cancel the reservation up to 24 hours before arrival, the full refund will be initiated, except for service charges. If the cancellation is made later, the user will lose half of the rental amount + service fees.

Developing these logics connected with the payment/refund functions was challenging and very knowledgeable to us. Together with our QA team, we managed to find all crucial bugs and learned how to implement all processes securely, saleable and efficient.

We also found the collaboration with our customers very special. Through very close communication, regular reviews and coordination of the next steps, we were able to effectively achieve the ideal result for the end-users together.

Thanks for taking the time to read our success story. We welcome feedback, so please share any thoughts or ideas with us. We'll keep the communication going!


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