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Vitec GmbH | Partnering With raffle. - A Unique Marketplace Mobile App
By Aleksandar Milurovic   |    20 Jul 2021   |    Testimonial
Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, but also by sharing the fantastic idea, we enjoyed partnering with raffle. - a unique idea turned into a beautiful digital product.
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Vitec GmbH | Do I Need a Mobile App? Discover Naked Facts!
By Aleksandar Milurovic   |    29 Jun 2021   |    Development Strategy
Mobile apps have been a buzzword for the better part of the past decade. Since 2008, when the early smartphone apps appeared, the mobile market has witnessed a level of saturation that...
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Vitec GmbH | 10 Ways to Give Your App Users a Consistently Awesome Experience That Keeps Them Coming Back
By Marc Roset   |    18 May 2021   |    Development Strategy
Consider this: 70% of app users abandon apps that take too long to load. And if your app crashes even once, 71% of them are likely to just uninstall it!
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Vitec GmbH | Top 5 Proven Tips to Boost Your App Performance
By Aleksandar Milurovic   |    04 May 2021   |    Development Strategy
In 2010, the average individual watched 3.75 hours of television every day. Up to 2021, that number has dropped to just 2.38 hours and it moved it to average spend of 3.25 hours on smartphones..
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Vitec GmbH | Top 8 Questions To Ask When Finding A Long-term App Development Partner
By Marc Roset   |    23 Mar 2021   |    Development Strategy
Congratulations! You’ve finally realized the importance of a purposeful mobile strategy for your business and looking to develop a mobile app. That’s the first step. Check out the next steps.
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Vitec GmbH | 9 Best Web & App Development Technologies For Building An App
By Marc Roset   |    23 Feb 2021   |    Technology
The number of internet users worldwide stands at a staggering 4.13 billion! That’s 4.13 billion consumers doing everything from reading to researching, socializing, transacting, and more..
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Vitec GmbH | Freelancer vs. Offshoring
By Aleksandar Milurovic   |    09 Feb 2021   |    Interview
It's good to be aware of the issues when finding a development partner, such as technology, affordability of certain development frameworks.. What really goes into choosing a partner? More from Marc..
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Vitec GmbH | 6 Ways to Reduce App Development Costs Without Compromising Its Quality
By Marc Roset   |    12 Jan 2021   |    Development Strategy
By the end of 2021, the number of app users will be an incredible 6.3 billion! And, the average smartphone user will be spending $1,008 on in-app purchases...
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Vitec GmbH | What’s the Best Way to Develop An App?
By Marc Roset   |    29 Dec 2020   |    Development
Once you decide that your business needs an app, you’re now confronted with the question – how to develop an app that your potential customers will love?
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Vitec GmbH | Blog 10% Off on Your New App
By Aleksandar Milurovic   |    12 Dec 2020   |    Special Offer
A mobile app gives you the desired properties in the minds of your target group.
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